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I inspire you to re-think how you rush through your life and I help you to stand up for less stress and a life on your own terms.

The problem with us is that we accept a loud, hustle-driven, and overwhelming world. Slowing down, thoughtfulness, and awareness are misunderstood and underrated.

We’ve been sold this broken idea that only an everything-now culture and a keep-running-and-don’t-think attitude will bring us progress and fortune.

To change your lifestyle you have to find perspective and be aware of your most vital human resource and use it: your consciousness and ability to reflect.

This is how you can stand up against a rushed world.

Remember that a good life is often about memorable experiences on the way, rather than rushing your way through life.

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Who writes Un-Rush?

Hi, I’m Claudia and I love to think, write, and research. Create events and initiate projects.

All my life I loved to listen and get inspired by conversations, cool people, books, and my travels, and collected my insights and thoughts in hundreds of journals.

Moving from Europe to Japan to California and back to Europe I worked, read, studied, and wrote in different cultures and languages and often wondered about people's perceptions of themselves and their work lives and lives.

The extrovert is successful, the introvert is belittled. Being loud and hectic trumps quietness and prudence. Everyone has a shrink, but nobody knows themselves. Better to rush than wait, and rather steep successes than deep relationships.

So I started to write articles, blog posts, newsletters, and a book to inspire people to pay attention to their mindset, thinking, and outlook on life.

I wholeheartedly believe the quality of attention we give to ourselves, our loved ones, and our surroundings determine the quality of our lives.

For this, we need to slow down, turn the volume down, and find perspective and time for reflection.

It is an ongoing process and has become my lifestyle. And people feel inspired.

I want to make you think and expose you to new ideas.

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A publication that encourages you to re-think how you rush through life and how to stand up for less stress and a lifestyle on your own terms.


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